The company SER-TEC produces parts for third parties upon customer design or sample; the areas where the company operates for SER-Tec are: hydraulic, automotive, plumbing, pneumatic, medical, lighting. The staff is so trained that they can work various materials including brass, stainless steel, avp, aluminum ... within narrow tolerances and accurate finishing. Thanks to our varied fleet in terms of machineries, we are able to do lots of production at competitive prices for small, medium and large series.

Our work is mainly divided into:
bar turning on CNC lathes, sliding head and multi-spindle with through-hole diameter from 5 to 90 diameters;
lprocessing machining to be executed on lathes, machining centers and transfer up to 8 axis CNC
Upon request, we can complete the production cycle by performing additional processing such as polishing, cleaning, heat treatment, galvanic

Sede legale - Via Montini, 198 – Amministrativa operativa - Via Industriale 99 - 25065 Lumezzane (BS)